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A year between posts is *totally* reasonable… (let’s try this again).

I’ve been doing more sewing than anything else, but there’s been zero photography and documentation. It’s probably about time for that to change – camera, timer, here I come.

I’ve just put a few projects up over at Kollabora… I signed up when it first started but haven’t really been using it. It seems like there’s a good little community getting going though, and I like that there’s some variety in the kind of things that people post.

I’m still hosting semi-regular make + do afternoons, but at a slightly less frenetic pace than last year. At the last one I had a crack at this cuff tutorial from the Purl Bee, and I’m pleased to say that (on the second try) it turned out brilliantly. Here are some instagram snapees..



The other thing I have been (slowly) working on is my Archer shirt.  I started it at a make + do afternoon months ago and only recently finished it on a trip to fetch the dog from holidays with my mum. I don’t really think of my sewing machine as portable, but it was actually really easy to pack up everything I needed, and I got this pretty much finished while I was away. More sewing holidays might await…


Anyway, look, this thing is my favourite. I’m sooooo proud of it, it’s a beautiful pattern and the sewalong makes it really straightforward to put together. The fabric is a silk print from The Fabric Store, with a teensy bit of stretch (the walking foot for my sewing machine helped a great deal while putting this together).  I had to narrow the shoulders a little, and I forgot to put the pockets on (I’ve decided I’m happy without them now), but otherwise, no drastic changes :o).


I’m definitely going to make more of these. Probably in a cream silk or cotton next, which I think will be a serious workhorse in my wardrobe.

Finally, my puppy is home after a rather long ‘holiday’ with my mum, and I’m excited about it, so here’s some puppy in an adorable jacket we got him in Japan last year…

Q in jacket

Loads more projects to cover, but that’s enough for now. ciao!



Well, April make + do did indeed happen, albeit slowly, quietly, and with a brief voting interlude. Brad may have had a little nap, but he’s forgiven – it was definitely nap weather!

Brendan did some drawing… (look, the ring I made him is being worn!)

And then, after we did a voting + coffee run, he made these critters:

Finally, in preparation for stop motion month in May (hint hint, put the 19th aside!), some animated gifs (can you spot napping-Brad?)

You’ll notice that I look suspiciously like I am *not* building a marble run. I got caught up in sewing, and given it was such a quiet, rainy afternoon, I thought I’d just continue with that, and leave the marble run for a bit more of an energetic, social day. I do have an impressive collection of cardboard and toilet rolls ready to go though, so don’t fear, it will happen :o).

Want to see what that fabric I’m smoothing out turned in to? Prepare: sewing details ahead…

A simple singlet top made from a lovely soft blue cotton voile. It’s a little unironed (sorry mum!), and is suspiciously similar to this top, but the pattern is actually from Salme Patterns. I have a couple more of these patterns to try – not only do they look good, but I think they will get a lot of wear. I feel like the ‘everyday wear’ patterns from the big companies really leave a fair bit to be desired. Anyway, I’ll let you know how I go with these. The first one’s a success.

I also put this top together on Saturday morning (I know, super productive!):

I finally discovered that the complicated-looking walking foot that came with my sewing machine is a great thing to use when attempting to sew knit fabrics (yes, I am definitely still learning), so I finally found the courage to tackle a knit top. It’s still a *little* wavy along the neckline, but I think I did pretty well overall! Knits might have other challenges, but omg, not having to fit the damn thing is like, the best thing ever. The pattern is a burdastyle pattern, and the fabric is a wool/tencel blend that I got half-price in The Fabric Store‘s sale earlier in the year. It’s the comfiest thing ever, I think I’ve already worn it like, three times since Saturday.

So that’s the haps in our world, and I’ll add a date claimer for NEXT MONTH’s make + do:

Mood: non-sleepy

Date: May 19th

Theme: Stop Motion!

I’ll post more details before then, but I’m planning to set up a few different stations for people to play around with, I think it’ll be really fun!

And finally, the little one is not back yet, so here’s a Brendan-created substitute…

sunday park times

we did what lots of brisbanites seem to do on a Sunday afternoon, and collapsed on the grass at New Farm park, dog in tow. I finished a simple singlet top earlier in the day, so you can see me giving it a trial run this afternoon whilst attempting to wear out the dog… seriously. look at him go!

It’s not from a pattern, I copied a singlet top I already owned, and the fabric is a medium weight Ikea cotton (yes, more Ikea fabric). It’s super-simple: just a front and back piece, with six 1-inch pleats in the front. The main fabric pieces are finished and then joined by bias binding straps, which I made from leftover fabric.  I’ll definitely make up a few more of these. They’re so easy to put together, and if there’s one thing you need in Brisbane, it’s cool cotton tops.

Anyway, the park was lovely, and we got to watch some helium balloons disappear in to the sky…

Hope you had a cracker of a weekend!

mo’ clothes

This year, amongst other, incredibly vague resolutions to be More Capable At Life (see hyperbole and a half for a summary of my current ability), I managed to set one identifiable goal, which is to buy no more than five new items of clothing for the year (not including things that are home-sewn, second hand, or shoes and underwear).

This is for a few reasons:

1. It might save me some cash

2. I want to stop mindlessly buying clothing items that I don’t absolutely love, and probably won’t wear much

3. I think it will encourage me to make more things (which I enjoy), or at least buy more second hand items (thus introducing less crap in the the world… blah blah blah)

I figure five items is an ok compromise for me. I like clothes. I have a lot of them, and I’m a child who likes shiny new things. If I was really committed I’d go for zero new things, but I really just want to think more carefully about my purchasing choices.

So far, I haven’t used any of my five ‘new item’ wildcards, but I have finished making a top. The pattern is Colette Patterns’ Jasmine, and the fabric a swiss dot cotton. This pattern is easy to put together and super pretty (and cut on the bias, so no zip-installation in sight), but I had to make a few fit adjustments at the back and bust.

For the sewing-interested:

I didn’t think about the fact that using facings with a reasonably sheer fabric is a bad idea, so the neckline facing initially showed through the front, and it looked terrible. I had a sulk about this, but eventually internet-problem-solved and replaced the facing with bias binding – great tutorial here. I’ll definitely remember to do this from now on when I’m using sheer fabric. Also, it looks soooo neat! Here’s what the the inside of the back collar looks like…


Make + Do III is definitely happening next weekend, Saturday February 11th – 2pm. Not sure what I’ll be up to, but Brad would love some company in the garage, so if you have something messy to do, bring it!

sewing interlude

As well as documenting the fun and games at our make and do afternoons, I’m also going to post up any other projects that miraculously get completed ‘tween times. For me, that will mostly be sewing and jewellery. Cause that’s how I roll (generally very slowly and sporadically).

I am still pretending to be on holidays, despite there being a painful amount of Other Things that I should be doing. As such, I’ve been beavering and made a skirt and top already since Christmas (whaaat? I know, I know, I amaze myself with my high levels of productivity). The skirt is also my first self-drafted skirt, which means I drew up the pattern based on my measurements rather than using a store-bought pattern. Now, when I say self-drafted, what I really mean is that I step-by-step followed the instructions spoon fed to me by a book I bought a few months ago. It’s also the MOST basic project in the book, but it totally worked a treat. The book (Design-It-Yourself Clothes, by Cal Patch), is super cute and very clear for not-so-savvy sewers like me, so if anyone wants to check it out, remind me when you’re over here on Saturday the 14th (hint hint).

So – simplest skirt in the world? (and cutest dog? yes… I will bombard you with photos of him) Check. It’s a definite winner. The fabric is from Ikea, and is super heavy cotton. I’m sure you’re meant to cover your cushions with it, but it’s so much better as a skirt :o)

I was also super-speedy in finishing this top last week, with fabric I got from a fabric swap in Brissie last year, which I desperately hope they put on again…

The pattern is Colette Patterns’ Sorbetto top, you can download it for freeeeee here. Also the easiest thing in the world to sew up, although I made some minor adjustments (longer, more armhole… maybe too much). Also check the test square when you print it. I did not, and my first one of these was teeny.

Phew. I think super-easy sewing projects might be my bag. Instant gratification!