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what got printed

Want to see what we managed to print?

Some of these actually made it to their intended recipients by their xmas deadlines, but others are about to be posted. Everything is lino printed, although we used screen ink for the fabric, which was a bit too runny for the lino blocks. I like the effect it had anyway…



Actually, a bunch of these will be for peeps in 2012 – I left them a bit late. Try and forget them by this December…


# 2


…tea towels that tell you how to make an origami dog!

… like this little dude here:

If you’re *really* keen, you can make the actual tea towel in to a dog, a process which I may or may not have totally hijacked when attempted by a gift recipient. Anyway – it can be done…

# 3


A post-Christmas thought, which became totally feasible when I remembered I had some lovely ivory cotton voile in my fabric stash. I’ve kept one of these for myself, and I have another that doesn’t have a home, so if I need to give you a gift in the next month or two, watch out, this is probably yours…

Scarf-making also resulted in me learning how to do a rolled hem (i.e. I discovered that I have a rolled hem foot for my sewing machine. It’s a little bit the best). Total revelation, and I might have to ban myself from buying scarves from now on. That said, my mad skillz could do with some serious refinement (don’t look too closely, and let’s just cross our fingers that the edges don’t fray) – especially on the corners, I think I’ll have to check out some interweb tips for starting the rolled hem.

So that about gets us up to date! Brad has an extra project that he’ll post about soon, but overall:

Verdict? Successful, but slightly over-ambitious given the timeframe

Skills Acquired? Lino-printing, rolled hems

Downsides? Hem ironing, iron-setting ink (zomg I hate the damn iron), screen ink can be unreliable on the lino.

Don’t forget – Make + Do II will be happening this Saturday the 14th – contact me if you need the address. So far, it sounds like there will be some mending happening, as well as possible construction of a model internal combustion engine! If you’re not sure about making things, or don’t have anything to do, please come along anyway, I’m sure we can find something for you :o)