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Doing some tracing with our rad-ass lightbox for some earring designs… looks pretty huh?

…thanks to Brad for making me a protractor when I’ve misplaced *both* of mine…



Well, April make + do did indeed happen, albeit slowly, quietly, and with a brief voting interlude. Brad may have had a little nap, but he’s forgiven – it was definitely nap weather!

Brendan did some drawing… (look, the ring I made him is being worn!)

And then, after we did a voting + coffee run, he made these critters:

Finally, in preparation for stop motion month in May (hint hint, put the 19th aside!), some animated gifs (can you spot napping-Brad?)

You’ll notice that I look suspiciously like I am *not* building a marble run. I got caught up in sewing, and given it was such a quiet, rainy afternoon, I thought I’d just continue with that, and leave the marble run for a bit more of an energetic, social day. I do have an impressive collection of cardboard and toilet rolls ready to go though, so don’t fear, it will happen :o).

Want to see what that fabric I’m smoothing out turned in to? Prepare: sewing details ahead…

A simple singlet top made from a lovely soft blue cotton voile. It’s a little unironed (sorry mum!), and is suspiciously similar to this top, but the pattern is actually from Salme Patterns. I have a couple more of these patterns to try – not only do they look good, but I think they will get a lot of wear. I feel like the ‘everyday wear’ patterns from the big companies really leave a fair bit to be desired. Anyway, I’ll let you know how I go with these. The first one’s a success.

I also put this top together on Saturday morning (I know, super productive!):

I finally discovered that the complicated-looking walking foot that came with my sewing machine is a great thing to use when attempting to sew knit fabrics (yes, I am definitely still learning), so I finally found the courage to tackle a knit top. It’s still a *little* wavy along the neckline, but I think I did pretty well overall! Knits might have other challenges, but omg, not having to fit the damn thing is like, the best thing ever. The pattern is a burdastyle pattern, and the fabric is a wool/tencel blend that I got half-price in The Fabric Store‘s sale earlier in the year. It’s the comfiest thing ever, I think I’ve already worn it like, three times since Saturday.

So that’s the haps in our world, and I’ll add a date claimer for NEXT MONTH’s make + do:

Mood: non-sleepy

Date: May 19th

Theme: Stop Motion!

I’ll post more details before then, but I’m planning to set up a few different stations for people to play around with, I think it’ll be really fun!

And finally, the little one is not back yet, so here’s a Brendan-created substitute…

i be back.

I know I know, this is looking suspiciously like another one of those ‘start but don’t finish’ things that I do. Well. FEAR NOT! I have returned! Stronger and more powerful than before! And Make + Do V is happening this weekend!

Well. Similar in strength and power… perhaps slightly better fed and more knowledgeable about Star Wars?

Last month’s Make + Do broke all attendance records to date, and we barely had space in our work room! What a stunning day to be out on the balcony though – it was super lovely.

Everyone was very much left to their own devices, sorry if anyone felt lost! In the future, we’re planning to mix up the afternoons so that sometimes they’re free-for-all, and sometimes more focused on an organised project/activity, which might be a bit easier for you if you’re stuck for something to do. Having said that, BYO projects are always welcome! You can sit in the corner with a glass of wine and laugh at the rest of us :o).

So yes… last month…

good tunes…

and a workroom that went from empty…

to just me…


I was racing around actually being quite productive this time, so I missed out on photographing some seriously awesome paper-bead-necklace making, bangle wrapping, and some super-cute cloud and lightning earrings. Sorry to those involved – everyone else will just have to imagine the fabulosity.

There was some impressive super-speedy dress re-fashioning, and some patient seam-ripping to rescue a top that got mauled by an over-exuberant puppy (not mine! I’m looking at you, Matilda!)…

Also plenty of drawing again…

And a TARDIS tissue box – YES! (have you been watching the reruns on ABC2 and iview? we have!).

I’m STILL finishing the earrings I nearly completed on the day (*shame!*). I’m really digging these – they’ll be enormous on, but they’re great fun. I must be unconsciously absorbing all this triangle/geometric business that’s going on at the moment… sigh.

No dog photos this month – he’s in Rockhampton with the parents, getting spoilt rotten. We miss him – waking up is dull and without face-licks. boo. hiss.

April has passed me by, so Make + Do is being squeezed in this Saturday – April 28th. Not theming this month, but I was contemplating doing something totally useless like making a really big marble run, so if anyone wants to help me, please come along :o)

Next month will definitely be a Stop Motion theme. It will be later in May, and I’ll be giving much more notice on the date. In the meantime, I promise not quite so long between drinks ;o). I’ve been sewing, and learning to knit, so I have plenty to show and tell!


More make n do, more funtimes…

This afternoon I managed to finish some stuff (WEEEEOWWWW). I mended like, 3 things, and they each took less than 10 minutes to fix. I officially have no reason for having put them off for the last 6 months.

I was not alone in my mending endeavours – look! that is some serious pant-hemming happening.

In other “ohmygodthingsactuallygotfinished” news, I put the final touches on a ring that I promised would be done, well, a long time ago. It’s been awhile, but I finally got there…

…and just so you know you’re getting the genuine article…

…if something’s made from a precious metal it’s stamped (usually somewhere discreet, like on the inside of a ring) to identify its content. For sterling silver that’s “925” or “SSIL”. Look at that sneaky lil 925 hiding on the inside…

Even better, hopefully this ring helped with some super-mad illustration skills, because it was later seen assisting in the drawing of this…

Brad also got some time to get his workbench a joint or two closer to completion…

Personally, I’m impressed with the ability to hit a chisel with a hammer rather than one’s hand, but the square-ness of that square is equally astounding.

OH! and ball of dog.

He made a new friend, and had lots of happy sleeping times.

in other news

Brad illustrated a t-shirt for Made in the Now, which create t-shirts based on the daily news headlines. The designers have 4 hours or so to get something together, and you can order them for 24 hours only, so they’re worth keeping an eye on.

And… we made a postcard for some friends who wanted birthday celebration suggestions. I’m not sure if they expected their request for idea-submission via postcard to be taken seriously, but we figured it was a secret plea for hand-written (or drawn?) mail, stamp and all :o)

You can move the arrow around to the different activities – I think I might like to do all of them!

twice is almost a habit, right?

oh HAI.

So we hosted make + do #2 on the weekend, which I am pretty excited about, because it officially means that:

a) we actually did something we planned, rather than just talking about it

b) we did something TWICE. I know. commitment.

c) we convinced OTHER people to do stuff, and I have evidence…

Exhibit A:

That right there is a model internal combustion engine. I have it on good authority that this got completed, but here’s what it was looking like by the end of the afternoon. Just in case you were wondering (I was), this is what is in your car, albeit in a small, uncomplicated, and plastic form. I’ll add this to the list of  things I should know about but most definitely do not. I believe one of its assemblers uttered “I don’t do cogs” during its assembly process. I concur.

Exhibit B:

Brad traced icospheres for a TBA project. Wow, look at that serious tracing face…

… which is all well and good, but this is what he *actually* looked like:

Look at that chair! It’s an old hairdresser’s chair we got off ebay. It’s beautiful, but gosh darn it adjusts to an unreasonably high level! Also, sneaky tidbit, the lightbox he’s using was for viewing x-rays in a past life. Neat huh?

Exhibit C:

I don’t have a photo for this, but I know Brendan was drawing creatures. Creatures to fill these landscapes (aren’t they really cool?).


hm. ok. no exhibit for me. I worked on a (technically) really easy sundress that somehow magicked itself in to being fiendishly difficult (read: I seemed to glaze over when reading instructions, and unpicked more seams than I sewed). It has joined my large pile of UnFinished Objects. Next month, I super mega pinky promise myself that I will do some mending. You may think I’m being unnecessarily whiny about this, but I dislike mending, and it is not a benign pile of one or two clothing items. It is this:

I suspect it will soon grow legs and walk off, probably wearing the hat that is peeking in at the bottom of the picture (and also needs mending).

Speaking of next month, with Make + Do II over and successful, we will continue with the once-a-month schedule. The next session is tentatively scheduled for February (yes, you should click on that) 11th, see you then ;o).

And what’s that I hear you say? No photos of the dog? Well alright… just one…