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i want to do these things.

Not one, but TWO new dresses have been finished in the past couple of weeks, but no photography phairies have been visiting them, so instead I’ll just talk about doing things rather than showing evidence of things actually done…

So below are links to some of the DIY projects that I would like to actually make, rather than just admire. I’m not crazy on the “oh look, you can make fake flower wallhangings out of recycled magazines” type projects, but I’m quite fond of stuff that you’ll actually use/wear, and will last. There are some piccis on my DIY Pinterest board, I think I might pull one of these out for next Make + Do.

#1 – Leather lunch tote at Design Sponge – I’m a sucker for attractive ways to carry my lunch. I swear it motivates me to take my lunch rather than buy it out. I have this awesome compartmentalised white and orange bento box thing, but I’m pretty sure some more options wouldn’t go astray,

#2 Tripod camping stool, also at Design Sponge – There are definite plans in place for making some of these – I’ve ordered some heavy canvas which is on its way to Brad and I as we speak. Excitement.

#3 Tote bag, *also* at Design Sponge – I’ve not made any bags before, I think this would be a fabulous place to start…

#4 Latch hook rug, from xoelle – This is a “how can I use up my sewing scraps” thing. I’m planning to make a big cushion for the dog, but I thought it would be fun to make some of the sewing remnants I really dig into a massive multicoloured shaggy rug. Mmmm, shaggy rug.

#5 Friendship bracelets! at honestlywtf – Mostly a nostalgia trip, I had the best book on making these when I was a kid. And I think they’re cute :o)

#6 Not a project as such, but I want to learn to crochet, and I think that this Craftzine tutorial would be a good place to start.

no photos! I’m lazy. Go look at my DIY Pinterest board  instead.