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A year between posts is *totally* reasonable… (let’s try this again).

I’ve been doing more sewing than anything else, but there’s been zero photography and documentation. It’s probably about time for that to change – camera, timer, here I come.

I’ve just put a few projects up over at Kollabora… I signed up when it first started but haven’t really been using it. It seems like there’s a good little community getting going though, and I like that there’s some variety in the kind of things that people post.

I’m still hosting semi-regular make + do afternoons, but at a slightly less frenetic pace than last year. At the last one I had a crack at this cuff tutorial from the Purl Bee, and I’m pleased to say that (on the second try) it turned out brilliantly. Here are some instagram snapees..



The other thing I have been (slowly) working on is my Archer shirt.  I started it at a make + do afternoon months ago and only recently finished it on a trip to fetch the dog from holidays with my mum. I don’t really think of my sewing machine as portable, but it was actually really easy to pack up everything I needed, and I got this pretty much finished while I was away. More sewing holidays might await…


Anyway, look, this thing is my favourite. I’m sooooo proud of it, it’s a beautiful pattern and the sewalong makes it really straightforward to put together. The fabric is a silk print from The Fabric Store, with a teensy bit of stretch (the walking foot for my sewing machine helped a great deal while putting this together).  I had to narrow the shoulders a little, and I forgot to put the pockets on (I’ve decided I’m happy without them now), but otherwise, no drastic changes :o).


I’m definitely going to make more of these. Probably in a cream silk or cotton next, which I think will be a serious workhorse in my wardrobe.

Finally, my puppy is home after a rather long ‘holiday’ with my mum, and I’m excited about it, so here’s some puppy in an adorable jacket we got him in Japan last year…

Q in jacket

Loads more projects to cover, but that’s enough for now. ciao!



Hey hey hey! It’s been a busy month over our way, but never fear, there was definitely time to fit in a bit of make + do activity…

Yesterday afternoon was incredibly enjoyable and relaxing. It was pretty quiet, but very hands-on.

There was a fair bit of bike-related activity:



…and safety gear, for spray painting…



It was also very nice to see some lino-cuts being prepped for printing. Maybe next month we’ll bring out the inks?



I started work on a tool wrap, which I (nearly) finished this morning. I’m going to put up some shots of its insides and construction in a separate post, because I remembered to document the process, and because I’m particularly excited about how well it turned out…

And finally… CUTE DOG ALERT

Next month is looking like August 11th, for those of you around Brisvegas.

sunday park times

we did what lots of brisbanites seem to do on a Sunday afternoon, and collapsed on the grass at New Farm park, dog in tow. I finished a simple singlet top earlier in the day, so you can see me giving it a trial run this afternoon whilst attempting to wear out the dog… seriously. look at him go!

It’s not from a pattern, I copied a singlet top I already owned, and the fabric is a medium weight Ikea cotton (yes, more Ikea fabric). It’s super-simple: just a front and back piece, with six 1-inch pleats in the front. The main fabric pieces are finished and then joined by bias binding straps, which I made from leftover fabric.  I’ll definitely make up a few more of these. They’re so easy to put together, and if there’s one thing you need in Brisbane, it’s cool cotton tops.

Anyway, the park was lovely, and we got to watch some helium balloons disappear in to the sky…

Hope you had a cracker of a weekend!


More make n do, more funtimes…

This afternoon I managed to finish some stuff (WEEEEOWWWW). I mended like, 3 things, and they each took less than 10 minutes to fix. I officially have no reason for having put them off for the last 6 months.

I was not alone in my mending endeavours – look! that is some serious pant-hemming happening.

In other “ohmygodthingsactuallygotfinished” news, I put the final touches on a ring that I promised would be done, well, a long time ago. It’s been awhile, but I finally got there…

…and just so you know you’re getting the genuine article…

…if something’s made from a precious metal it’s stamped (usually somewhere discreet, like on the inside of a ring) to identify its content. For sterling silver that’s “925” or “SSIL”. Look at that sneaky lil 925 hiding on the inside…

Even better, hopefully this ring helped with some super-mad illustration skills, because it was later seen assisting in the drawing of this…

Brad also got some time to get his workbench a joint or two closer to completion…

Personally, I’m impressed with the ability to hit a chisel with a hammer rather than one’s hand, but the square-ness of that square is equally astounding.

OH! and ball of dog.

He made a new friend, and had lots of happy sleeping times.

twice is almost a habit, right?

oh HAI.

So we hosted make + do #2 on the weekend, which I am pretty excited about, because it officially means that:

a) we actually did something we planned, rather than just talking about it

b) we did something TWICE. I know. commitment.

c) we convinced OTHER people to do stuff, and I have evidence…

Exhibit A:

That right there is a model internal combustion engine. I have it on good authority that this got completed, but here’s what it was looking like by the end of the afternoon. Just in case you were wondering (I was), this is what is in your car, albeit in a small, uncomplicated, and plastic form. I’ll add this to the list of  things I should know about but most definitely do not. I believe one of its assemblers uttered “I don’t do cogs” during its assembly process. I concur.

Exhibit B:

Brad traced icospheres for a TBA project. Wow, look at that serious tracing face…

… which is all well and good, but this is what he *actually* looked like:

Look at that chair! It’s an old hairdresser’s chair we got off ebay. It’s beautiful, but gosh darn it adjusts to an unreasonably high level! Also, sneaky tidbit, the lightbox he’s using was for viewing x-rays in a past life. Neat huh?

Exhibit C:

I don’t have a photo for this, but I know Brendan was drawing creatures. Creatures to fill these landscapes (aren’t they really cool?).


hm. ok. no exhibit for me. I worked on a (technically) really easy sundress that somehow magicked itself in to being fiendishly difficult (read: I seemed to glaze over when reading instructions, and unpicked more seams than I sewed). It has joined my large pile of UnFinished Objects. Next month, I super mega pinky promise myself that I will do some mending. You may think I’m being unnecessarily whiny about this, but I dislike mending, and it is not a benign pile of one or two clothing items. It is this:

I suspect it will soon grow legs and walk off, probably wearing the hat that is peeking in at the bottom of the picture (and also needs mending).

Speaking of next month, with Make + Do II over and successful, we will continue with the once-a-month schedule. The next session is tentatively scheduled for February (yes, you should click on that) 11th, see you then ;o).

And what’s that I hear you say? No photos of the dog? Well alright… just one…