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Hey hey hey! It’s been a busy month over our way, but never fear, there was definitely time to fit in a bit of make + do activity…

Yesterday afternoon was incredibly enjoyable and relaxing. It was pretty quiet, but very hands-on.

There was a fair bit of bike-related activity:



…and safety gear, for spray painting…



It was also very nice to see some lino-cuts being prepped for printing. Maybe next month we’ll bring out the inks?



I started work on a tool wrap, which I (nearly) finished this morning. I’m going to put up some shots of its insides and construction in a separate post, because I remembered to document the process, and because I’m particularly excited about how well it turned out…

And finally… CUTE DOG ALERT

Next month is looking like August 11th, for those of you around Brisvegas.



I just wanted to show you how amazing Jemima (my bike) is looking, so here are a few happy snaps from an ANZAC day afternoon ride.

Jemima is originally an 80s Apollo Geneva, but has had various upgrades, including a fresh coat of paint, a Papillionaire leather saddle, some wooden Electra handlebar grips, and the prettiest light in the world on the front, so she’s looking real purty like!

Brad’s worked very hard to get her up and running, (and looking pretty – which, I’m not gonna lie, is pretty important to me) and he puts up with a lot of whinging and reluctance from not-bike-savvy me. She’s been a little neglected over summer, and not having had lights has limited her use, but now it’s getting cooler I have no excuses to leave her gathering cobwebs (except perhaps having to ride walk up Given Terrace every time she goes out)

If anyone wants to go on a riverside bike-cruise let me know (there’s always citycycles!) – I’m big on snailpace riding that incorporates coffee breaks – just so you know what you’re in for.

Happy riding peeps :o)