long earrings

I meant to part with these, but somehow I ended up wearing them…


I’ve been on a bit of an earring kick lately… I blame the short hair.

Excuse the shoddy iPhone photos, I keep forgetting to properly document things…




Doing some tracing with our rad-ass lightbox for some earring designs… looks pretty huh?

…thanks to Brad for making me a protractor when I’ve misplaced *both* of mine…


So, if you’re ever faced with an afternoon of boredom, can I HIGHLY recommend getting a whole hunk of plasticine and bashing it in to some manner of beast… or not beast… it’s just very satisfying.

We gradually got around to make + doing last (ek!) weekend. To be honest, the actual ‘animating’ took more than an afternoon. I’ll let the piccis tell the rest…

Such concentration!

Have you ever seen anything more ADORABLE???

We got a *bit* of animating done… check out our (slightly fuzzy and dodgily lit) movie!

anyway… I challenge you to find a better way to kill time… Except maybe MarioKart.

get outta my flowers, snail!



I am learning to knit!

Definitely still in the ‘learn not to drop a million stitches in one row’ stages, but it’s a start, huh? I estimate my scarf to be at 75% completion. Next is fingerless mittens!

All my public transport boredom woes are totes solved – look at me, tram knitting! We are in Melbourne, which totally inspires knitting… Brrrrrrr.

P.S. leopard jumper YES


new earrings

mmmmmm. claw settings, how tricky you are…

Asymmetrical earrings Рgarnet and sterling silver.

Very much a beginner with the claw settings and in no way confident with them yet, but practice makes perfect, right? Really pleased with how these turned out…

The photos are a bit blah, sorry. Below gives a better idea of the garnet colour in the light – they’re particularly nice garnets – the colour isn’t always as rich as this.


Well, April make + do did indeed happen, albeit slowly, quietly, and with a brief voting interlude. Brad may have had a little nap, but he’s forgiven – it was definitely nap weather!

Brendan did some drawing… (look, the ring I made him is being worn!)

And then, after we did a voting + coffee run, he made these critters:

Finally, in preparation for stop motion month in May (hint hint, put the 19th aside!), some animated gifs (can you spot napping-Brad?)

You’ll notice that I look suspiciously like I am *not* building a marble run. I got caught up in sewing, and given it was such a quiet, rainy afternoon, I thought I’d just continue with that, and leave the marble run for a bit more of an energetic, social day. I do have an impressive collection of cardboard and toilet rolls ready to go though, so don’t fear, it will happen :o).

Want to see what that fabric I’m smoothing out turned in to? Prepare: sewing details ahead…

A simple singlet top made from a lovely soft blue cotton voile. It’s a little unironed (sorry mum!), and is suspiciously similar to this top, but the pattern is actually from Salme Patterns. I have a couple more of these patterns to try – not only do they look good, but I think they will get a lot of wear. I feel like the ‘everyday wear’ patterns from the big companies really leave a fair bit to be desired. Anyway, I’ll let you know how I go with these. The first one’s a success.

I also put this top together on Saturday morning (I know, super productive!):

I finally discovered that the complicated-looking walking foot that came with my sewing machine is a great thing to use when attempting to sew knit fabrics (yes, I am definitely still learning), so I finally found the courage to tackle a knit top. It’s still a *little* wavy along the neckline, but I think I did pretty well overall! Knits might have other challenges, but omg, not having to fit the damn thing is like, the best thing ever. The pattern is a burdastyle pattern, and the fabric is a wool/tencel blend that I got half-price in The Fabric Store‘s sale earlier in the year. It’s the comfiest thing ever, I think I’ve already worn it like, three times since Saturday.

So that’s the haps in our world, and I’ll add a date claimer for NEXT MONTH’s make + do:

Mood: non-sleepy

Date: May 19th

Theme: Stop Motion!

I’ll post more details before then, but I’m planning to set up a few different stations for people to play around with, I think it’ll be really fun!

And finally, the little one is not back yet, so here’s a Brendan-created substitute…