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tool wrap times

Last make + do, I decided that I needed a better way to store them, as really, I’ve got too many things on my bench, and there’s too much moisture in the air here to avoid them rusting when they’re left out.

Solution? A tool wrap!

I have store-bought wrap like this for pencils, which is great, but it doesn’t allow for other items of different sizes, so homemade was the way to go. I managed to take photos along the way, so I can show you how I put it together. This would work well for anything long and skinny that needs storing or transporting – pencils, pens, brushes… chopsticks?

Brad and I are planning to (eventually) make bags, so we had a whole whack of canvas sitting around that suited perfectly, it’s nice and heavy.

I started by gathering up all the things I wanted to put in my wrap, and measured up how big the pockets for each item needed to be. Messily. And with a few changes to the plans, as seen below. Gosh, my handwriting…

I cut three pieces of canvas – one base piece and two top pieces for the file pockets. I have two different file sizes, so I wanted the pockets to be two different heights, and I just sewed these together to make one top piece. The top piece has to be longer than the base piece, to allow a ‘pocket’ for each item to form.

I marked out the spacing of the pockets on both base and top pieces, and sewed lines down to make the pockets (getting them relatively straight was probably the hardest bit of the whole process).

When they were all done, I checked the sizing… Success!

To finish the edges, I cut bias strips of canvas to make a super-heavy bias tape…

… attached it on one side…

… and then the other. Starting to look like a proper thing now huh?

To wrap it up, I happened to have some scraps of leather from Reverse Garbage, so I measured out and cut lengths to sew on straps…

Voila! Tool wrap! I factored in a few extra pockets to accommodate future acquisitions.

I haven’t got anything to secure the straps with yet, but I quite like it just them just folded under, so I’ll see how I go for a while. If they get annoying I might look into a buckle or some other simple closure.

I also attached some little leather loops so that I can hang up the whole wrap and easily access files while I’m working. Here it is hanging up on my pegboard… awesome huh?

Brad is requesting one for his bike tools, so I might be at it again in the not too distant future :o) It’s a pretty satisfying project – highly recommended…



I am learning to knit!

Definitely still in the ‘learn not to drop a million stitches in one row’ stages, but it’s a start, huh? I estimate my scarf to be at 75% completion. Next is fingerless mittens!

All my public transport boredom woes are totes solved – look at me, tram knitting! We are in Melbourne, which totally inspires knitting… Brrrrrrr.

P.S. leopard jumper YES



I just wanted to show you how amazing Jemima (my bike) is looking, so here are a few happy snaps from an ANZAC day afternoon ride.

Jemima is originally an 80s Apollo Geneva, but has had various upgrades, including a fresh coat of paint, a Papillionaire leather saddle, some wooden Electra handlebar grips, and the prettiest light in the world on the front, so she’s looking real purty like!

Brad’s worked very hard to get her up and running, (and looking pretty – which, I’m not gonna lie, is pretty important to me) and he puts up with a lot of whinging and reluctance from not-bike-savvy me. She’s been a little neglected over summer, and not having had lights has limited her use, but now it’s getting cooler I have no excuses to leave her gathering cobwebs (except perhaps having to ride walk up Given Terrace every time she goes out)

If anyone wants to go on a riverside bike-cruise let me know (there’s always citycycles!) – I’m big on snailpace riding that incorporates coffee breaks – just so you know what you’re in for.

Happy riding peeps :o)

sunday park times

we did what lots of brisbanites seem to do on a Sunday afternoon, and collapsed on the grass at New Farm park, dog in tow. I finished a simple singlet top earlier in the day, so you can see me giving it a trial run this afternoon whilst attempting to wear out the dog… seriously. look at him go!

It’s not from a pattern, I copied a singlet top I already owned, and the fabric is a medium weight Ikea cotton (yes, more Ikea fabric). It’s super-simple: just a front and back piece, with six 1-inch pleats in the front. The main fabric pieces are finished and then joined by bias binding straps, which I made from leftover fabric.  I’ll definitely make up a few more of these. They’re so easy to put together, and if there’s one thing you need in Brisbane, it’s cool cotton tops.

Anyway, the park was lovely, and we got to watch some helium balloons disappear in to the sky…

Hope you had a cracker of a weekend!

in other news

Brad illustrated a t-shirt for Made in the Now, which create t-shirts based on the daily news headlines. The designers have 4 hours or so to get something together, and you can order them for 24 hours only, so they’re worth keeping an eye on.

And… we made a postcard for some friends who wanted birthday celebration suggestions. I’m not sure if they expected their request for idea-submission via postcard to be taken seriously, but we figured it was a secret plea for hand-written (or drawn?) mail, stamp and all :o)

You can move the arrow around to the different activities – I think I might like to do all of them!

what got printed

Want to see what we managed to print?

Some of these actually made it to their intended recipients by their xmas deadlines, but others are about to be posted. Everything is lino printed, although we used screen ink for the fabric, which was a bit too runny for the lino blocks. I like the effect it had anyway…



Actually, a bunch of these will be for peeps in 2012 – I left them a bit late. Try and forget them by this December…


# 2


…tea towels that tell you how to make an origami dog!

… like this little dude here:

If you’re *really* keen, you can make the actual tea towel in to a dog, a process which I may or may not have totally hijacked when attempted by a gift recipient. Anyway – it can be done…

# 3


A post-Christmas thought, which became totally feasible when I remembered I had some lovely ivory cotton voile in my fabric stash. I’ve kept one of these for myself, and I have another that doesn’t have a home, so if I need to give you a gift in the next month or two, watch out, this is probably yours…

Scarf-making also resulted in me learning how to do a rolled hem (i.e. I discovered that I have a rolled hem foot for my sewing machine. It’s a little bit the best). Total revelation, and I might have to ban myself from buying scarves from now on. That said, my mad skillz could do with some serious refinement (don’t look too closely, and let’s just cross our fingers that the edges don’t fray) – especially on the corners, I think I’ll have to check out some interweb tips for starting the rolled hem.

So that about gets us up to date! Brad has an extra project that he’ll post about soon, but overall:

Verdict? Successful, but slightly over-ambitious given the timeframe

Skills Acquired? Lino-printing, rolled hems

Downsides? Hem ironing, iron-setting ink (zomg I hate the damn iron), screen ink can be unreliable on the lino.

Don’t forget – Make + Do II will be happening this Saturday the 14th – contact me if you need the address. So far, it sounds like there will be some mending happening, as well as possible construction of a model internal combustion engine! If you’re not sure about making things, or don’t have anything to do, please come along anyway, I’m sure we can find something for you :o)