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the right tights

sooooo, I used to have opinions about tights as pants. I say “used to”, because I’ve been on a bit of a tight-making extravaganza of late. I blame my change of heart on three things:

1) Going running more often, and wanting fun things to wear

2) Other people looking like they were pretty much winning at life whilst wearing their cool tights

3) Spandex world. Soooo much crazy fabric.

In combination, these things have made me want, nay, NEED radass tights in my wardrobe, partially for hella-cool exercise gear that makes me feel excited to go running, and now for generally-awesome daywear.

I got to physically visit on a trip to New York this year (SO exciting…), and I got some really awesome spandex that I’ve been slowly turning into really awesome things. I drafted a pattern using Cal Patch’s tutorial over on Etsy, and after a few tweaks, have my pattern downpat. So far I’ve made two versions that are designated running tights. Here’s the first:

floral tights 1 floral tights 2

Isn’t the floral print fabulous? I have some leftovers I want to make into swimmers.

The next pair I’m wearing for the Bridge to Brisbane tomorrow, which is an annual 10km run that’s very popular here in Brissy. I helped a bunch of friends make their own tights out of the harlequin fabric, and we are all wearing them with different coloured tops. Fun!

harlequin tight harlequin tights

Finally, I’ve made a set of tights for actual daily clothing wear, and I super dig them. I looooooooove the floral spandex these are made out of, it’s gorgeous. I also made the top I’m wearing over them. It’s a slightly adjusted version of a boxy top I got earlier in the year, made out of a lovely black wool jersey from The Fabric Store, and it’s perfect for wearing with opaque tights (just enough bum coverage to make me feel a bit more comfortable, but not so long that it covers too much awesome-tight).

red floral tights 4 red floral tights 3 red floral tights 2 red floral tights 1

I am totally in love with these, but our winter is fast disappearing (honestly, it barely appeared), so it’ll be back to shorts and summer dresses in no time.

Anyway – I have some tights that I think are cool. I hope you do too :o)


my extra gorman boxy top

gorman is one of my favourite clothing lines in Australia, I consistently want something out of their current season, and although it’s not exactly in a price range that allows me to have a wardrobe full of the stuff, I tend to buy myself something from there a couple of times a year (usually in one of their frequent and excellent sales). These little treats are usually some of my favourite pieces of clothing.

This winter my treats from gorman were a boxy black wool top and some sneakers (pictured). For a top that is literally just black and not very exciting at all, it’s a bit weird how much I want to wear this thing all. the. time. Boxy tops might be my new favourite thing. Anyway, while I was unsuccessfully avoiding The Fabric Store winter sale, I spied some fabulous green wool knit and knew I had to have another version.

So, this top is a total copy of a gorman top I absolutely love, and now I have it in another awesome colour (this green is seriously great – I’ve never been this in love with a shade of green).


boxy green top

boxy green top

I used bands for the neckline, which I attached to the pattern pieces *before* I sewed the front and back together, because I wanted to keep the neckline style similar to the original.

I haven’t done a great deal of knit sewing, and although I have an overlocker, I’ve been put off by hems. This time I tried the twin-needle trick. I’ve been wary of this because I didn’t understand how a straight stitched hem would work when knits need a stretchy stitch. I finally read somewhere that the zig-zagging between the stitches at the back allows for stretch, and was convinced to give it a shot. I should probably just have trusted the millions of other very-experienced bloggers that have recommended this for knits frequently, because IT’S AMAZING and there’s zero rippling, but I like understanding *why* things work.

boxy green top boxy green top

Anyway, now I have two of my new favourite top, which I can use to see out our incredibly mild and short-lived winter. Hopefully I still love boxy tops this much next year.