Make + Do June was lovely – a relaxed afternoon with knitting, calligraphy, embroidery and beer!

Great green! (re)learning to knit is easier when there is tasty cheese to eat (fact).

Calligraphy = tricky and time consuming (or so I can gather from the painstaking practice going on here). It looks magic though.

yes, that is a different set of hands, which means TWO calligraphy apprentices. I might have to request an illuminated book, that’ll keep them busy.

…aaaand, embroidered cushion covers! I should have got a photo of the actual pattern, but instead you just get this action shot. Action shots all round for this month. I would like to give this a go. Embroidery scares me for no good reason (I think I’m self-conscious about my hand-stitching abilities?)

I continued working on my knitted scarf (no, it’s still not finished. I might miss this winter and aim for the next one?), and then got bored and started sewing a singlet top, which I did finish but haven’t taken good photos of yet. Likely story.

I’m also trying to make something out of some lace curtain fabric I bought from reverse garbage a while ago (total bargain) – here’s a sneak peek of underlining the bodice:

I changed my mind about the skirt and pulled it to pieces mid-construction, so hopefully all is not lost.

Next Make + Do is on July 21…  time marches on far too quickly. I’m thinking about doing some printing or dyeing next time around – time to get my hands dirty!


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  1. Jo

    Hi! Love your blog! It’s got all sorts going on! I’m here to reply to your question about the dress form I made (just to make sure you get the message!). I have been using it since I finished it and have found it really really helpful! Especially for seeing and fitting the backs of garments, which I couldn’t see without twisting (and causing all sorts of red herring wrinkles), or getting someone to take a photo for me to inspect (a huge pain and not ideal).
    There’s also a huge benefit to being able to walk around it and see from different angles, as well as being able to play around pinning out chunks of fabric.

    I would definitely recommend it, it has helped me grow in confidence. I’ve been slacking a bit with my sewing lately but I’ll be using this lots more in the future :)

    Oops I went on for a bit but hope this helps :)

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