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tool wrap times

Last make + do, I decided that I needed a better way to store them, as really, I’ve got too many things on my bench, and there’s too much moisture in the air here to avoid them rusting when they’re left out.

Solution? A tool wrap!

I have store-bought wrap like this for pencils, which is great, but it doesn’t allow for other items of different sizes, so homemade was the way to go. I managed to take photos along the way, so I can show you how I put it together. This would work well for anything long and skinny that needs storing or transporting – pencils, pens, brushes… chopsticks?

Brad and I are planning to (eventually) make bags, so we had a whole whack of canvas sitting around that suited perfectly, it’s nice and heavy.

I started by gathering up all the things I wanted to put in my wrap, and measured up how big the pockets for each item needed to be. Messily. And with a few changes to the plans, as seen below. Gosh, my handwriting…

I cut three pieces of canvas – one base piece and two top pieces for the file pockets. I have two different file sizes, so I wanted the pockets to be two different heights, and I just sewed these together to make one top piece. The top piece has to be longer than the base piece, to allow a ‘pocket’ for each item to form.

I marked out the spacing of the pockets on both base and top pieces, and sewed lines down to make the pockets (getting them relatively straight was probably the hardest bit of the whole process).

When they were all done, I checked the sizing… Success!

To finish the edges, I cut bias strips of canvas to make a super-heavy bias tape…

… attached it on one side…

… and then the other. Starting to look like a proper thing now huh?

To wrap it up, I happened to have some scraps of leather from Reverse Garbage, so I measured out and cut lengths to sew on straps…

Voila! Tool wrap! I factored in a few extra pockets to accommodate future acquisitions.

I haven’t got anything to secure the straps with yet, but I quite like it just them just folded under, so I’ll see how I go for a while. If they get annoying I might look into a buckle or some other simple closure.

I also attached some little leather loops so that I can hang up the whole wrap and easily access files while I’m working. Here it is hanging up on my pegboard… awesome huh?

Brad is requesting one for his bike tools, so I might be at it again in the not too distant future :o) It’s a pretty satisfying project – highly recommended…



Hey hey hey! It’s been a busy month over our way, but never fear, there was definitely time to fit in a bit of make + do activity…

Yesterday afternoon was incredibly enjoyable and relaxing. It was pretty quiet, but very hands-on.

There was a fair bit of bike-related activity:



…and safety gear, for spray painting…



It was also very nice to see some lino-cuts being prepped for printing. Maybe next month we’ll bring out the inks?



I started work on a tool wrap, which I (nearly) finished this morning. I’m going to put up some shots of its insides and construction in a separate post, because I remembered to document the process, and because I’m particularly excited about how well it turned out…

And finally… CUTE DOG ALERT

Next month is looking like August 11th, for those of you around Brisvegas.


Make + Do June was lovely – a relaxed afternoon with knitting, calligraphy, embroidery and beer!

Great green! (re)learning to knit is easier when there is tasty cheese to eat (fact).

Calligraphy = tricky and time consuming (or so I can gather from the painstaking practice going on here). It looks magic though.

yes, that is a different set of hands, which means TWO calligraphy apprentices. I might have to request an illuminated book, that’ll keep them busy.

…aaaand, embroidered cushion covers! I should have got a photo of the actual pattern, but instead you just get this action shot. Action shots all round for this month. I would like to give this a go. Embroidery scares me for no good reason (I think I’m self-conscious about my hand-stitching abilities?)

I continued working on my knitted scarf (no, it’s still not finished. I might miss this winter and aim for the next one?), and then got bored and started sewing a singlet top, which I did finish but haven’t taken good photos of yet. Likely story.

I’m also trying to make something out of some lace curtain fabric I bought from reverse garbage a while ago (total bargain) – here’s a sneak peek of underlining the bodice:

I changed my mind about the skirt and pulled it to pieces mid-construction, so hopefully all is not lost.

Next Make + Do is on July 21…  time marches on far too quickly. I’m thinking about doing some printing or dyeing next time around – time to get my hands dirty!