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I just wanted to show you how amazing Jemima (my bike) is looking, so here are a few happy snaps from an ANZAC day afternoon ride.

Jemima is originally an 80s Apollo Geneva, but has had various upgrades, including a fresh coat of paint, a Papillionaire leather saddle, some wooden Electra handlebar grips, and the prettiest light in the world on the front, so she’s looking real purty like!

Brad’s worked very hard to get her up and running, (and looking pretty – which, I’m not gonna lie, is pretty important to me) and he puts up with a lot of whinging and reluctance from not-bike-savvy me. She’s been a little neglected over summer, and not having had lights has limited her use, but now it’s getting cooler I have no excuses to leave her gathering cobwebs (except perhaps having to ride walk up Given Terrace every time she goes out)

If anyone wants to go on a riverside bike-cruise let me know (there’s always citycycles!) – I’m big on snailpace riding that incorporates coffee breaks – just so you know what you’re in for.

Happy riding peeps :o)


i be back.

I know I know, this is looking suspiciously like another one of those ‘start but don’t finish’ things that I do. Well. FEAR NOT! I have returned! Stronger and more powerful than before! And Make + Do V is happening this weekend!

Well. Similar in strength and power… perhaps slightly better fed and more knowledgeable about Star Wars?

Last month’s Make + Do broke all attendance records to date, and we barely had space in our work room! What a stunning day to be out on the balcony though – it was super lovely.

Everyone was very much left to their own devices, sorry if anyone felt lost! In the future, we’re planning to mix up the afternoons so that sometimes they’re free-for-all, and sometimes more focused on an organised project/activity, which might be a bit easier for you if you’re stuck for something to do. Having said that, BYO projects are always welcome! You can sit in the corner with a glass of wine and laugh at the rest of us :o).

So yes… last month…

good tunes…

and a workroom that went from empty…

to just me…


I was racing around actually being quite productive this time, so I missed out on photographing some seriously awesome paper-bead-necklace making, bangle wrapping, and some super-cute cloud and lightning earrings. Sorry to those involved – everyone else will just have to imagine the fabulosity.

There was some impressive super-speedy dress re-fashioning, and some patient seam-ripping to rescue a top that got mauled by an over-exuberant puppy (not mine! I’m looking at you, Matilda!)…

Also plenty of drawing again…

And a TARDIS tissue box – YES! (have you been watching the reruns on ABC2 and iview? we have!).

I’m STILL finishing the earrings I nearly completed on the day (*shame!*). I’m really digging these – they’ll be enormous on, but they’re great fun. I must be unconsciously absorbing all this triangle/geometric business that’s going on at the moment… sigh.

No dog photos this month – he’s in Rockhampton with the parents, getting spoilt rotten. We miss him – waking up is dull and without face-licks. boo. hiss.

April has passed me by, so Make + Do is being squeezed in this Saturday – April 28th. Not theming this month, but I was contemplating doing something totally useless like making a really big marble run, so if anyone wants to help me, please come along :o)

Next month will definitely be a Stop Motion theme. It will be later in May, and I’ll be giving much more notice on the date. In the meantime, I promise not quite so long between drinks ;o). I’ve been sewing, and learning to knit, so I have plenty to show and tell!