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in other news

Brad illustrated a t-shirt for Made in the Now, which create t-shirts based on the daily news headlines. The designers have 4 hours or so to get something together, and you can order them for 24 hours only, so they’re worth keeping an eye on.

And… we made a postcard for some friends who wanted birthday celebration suggestions. I’m not sure if they expected their request for idea-submission via postcard to be taken seriously, but we figured it was a secret plea for hand-written (or drawn?) mail, stamp and all :o)

You can move the arrow around to the different activities – I think I might like to do all of them!


twice is almost a habit, right?

oh HAI.

So we hosted make + do #2 on the weekend, which I am pretty excited about, because it officially means that:

a) we actually did something we planned, rather than just talking about it

b) we did something TWICE. I know. commitment.

c) we convinced OTHER people to do stuff, and I have evidence…

Exhibit A:

That right there is a model internal combustion engine. I have it on good authority that this got completed, but here’s what it was looking like by the end of the afternoon. Just in case you were wondering (I was), this is what is in your car, albeit in a small, uncomplicated, and plastic form. I’ll add this to the list of  things I should know about but most definitely do not. I believe one of its assemblers uttered “I don’t do cogs” during its assembly process. I concur.

Exhibit B:

Brad traced icospheres for a TBA project. Wow, look at that serious tracing face…

… which is all well and good, but this is what he *actually* looked like:

Look at that chair! It’s an old hairdresser’s chair we got off ebay. It’s beautiful, but gosh darn it adjusts to an unreasonably high level! Also, sneaky tidbit, the lightbox he’s using was for viewing x-rays in a past life. Neat huh?

Exhibit C:

I don’t have a photo for this, but I know Brendan was drawing creatures. Creatures to fill these landscapes (aren’t they really cool?).


hm. ok. no exhibit for me. I worked on a (technically) really easy sundress that somehow magicked itself in to being fiendishly difficult (read: I seemed to glaze over when reading instructions, and unpicked more seams than I sewed). It has joined my large pile of UnFinished Objects. Next month, I super mega pinky promise myself that I will do some mending. You may think I’m being unnecessarily whiny about this, but I dislike mending, and it is not a benign pile of one or two clothing items. It is this:

I suspect it will soon grow legs and walk off, probably wearing the hat that is peeking in at the bottom of the picture (and also needs mending).

Speaking of next month, with Make + Do II over and successful, we will continue with the once-a-month schedule. The next session is tentatively scheduled for February (yes, you should click on that) 11th, see you then ;o).

And what’s that I hear you say? No photos of the dog? Well alright… just one…

what got printed

Want to see what we managed to print?

Some of these actually made it to their intended recipients by their xmas deadlines, but others are about to be posted. Everything is lino printed, although we used screen ink for the fabric, which was a bit too runny for the lino blocks. I like the effect it had anyway…



Actually, a bunch of these will be for peeps in 2012 – I left them a bit late. Try and forget them by this December…


# 2


…tea towels that tell you how to make an origami dog!

… like this little dude here:

If you’re *really* keen, you can make the actual tea towel in to a dog, a process which I may or may not have totally hijacked when attempted by a gift recipient. Anyway – it can be done…

# 3


A post-Christmas thought, which became totally feasible when I remembered I had some lovely ivory cotton voile in my fabric stash. I’ve kept one of these for myself, and I have another that doesn’t have a home, so if I need to give you a gift in the next month or two, watch out, this is probably yours…

Scarf-making also resulted in me learning how to do a rolled hem (i.e. I discovered that I have a rolled hem foot for my sewing machine. It’s a little bit the best). Total revelation, and I might have to ban myself from buying scarves from now on. That said, my mad skillz could do with some serious refinement (don’t look too closely, and let’s just cross our fingers that the edges don’t fray) – especially on the corners, I think I’ll have to check out some interweb tips for starting the rolled hem.

So that about gets us up to date! Brad has an extra project that he’ll post about soon, but overall:

Verdict? Successful, but slightly over-ambitious given the timeframe

Skills Acquired? Lino-printing, rolled hems

Downsides? Hem ironing, iron-setting ink (zomg I hate the damn iron), screen ink can be unreliable on the lino.

Don’t forget – Make + Do II will be happening this Saturday the 14th – contact me if you need the address. So far, it sounds like there will be some mending happening, as well as possible construction of a model internal combustion engine! If you’re not sure about making things, or don’t have anything to do, please come along anyway, I’m sure we can find something for you :o)

sewing interlude

As well as documenting the fun and games at our make and do afternoons, I’m also going to post up any other projects that miraculously get completed ‘tween times. For me, that will mostly be sewing and jewellery. Cause that’s how I roll (generally very slowly and sporadically).

I am still pretending to be on holidays, despite there being a painful amount of Other Things that I should be doing. As such, I’ve been beavering and made a skirt and top already since Christmas (whaaat? I know, I know, I amaze myself with my high levels of productivity). The skirt is also my first self-drafted skirt, which means I drew up the pattern based on my measurements rather than using a store-bought pattern. Now, when I say self-drafted, what I really mean is that I step-by-step followed the instructions spoon fed to me by a book I bought a few months ago. It’s also the MOST basic project in the book, but it totally worked a treat. The book (Design-It-Yourself Clothes, by Cal Patch), is super cute and very clear for not-so-savvy sewers like me, so if anyone wants to check it out, remind me when you’re over here on Saturday the 14th (hint hint).

So – simplest skirt in the world? (and cutest dog? yes… I will bombard you with photos of him) Check. It’s a definite winner. The fabric is from Ikea, and is super heavy cotton. I’m sure you’re meant to cover your cushions with it, but it’s so much better as a skirt :o)

I was also super-speedy in finishing this top last week, with fabric I got from a fabric swap in Brissie last year, which I desperately hope they put on again…

The pattern is Colette Patterns’ Sorbetto top, you can download it for freeeeee here. Also the easiest thing in the world to sew up, although I made some minor adjustments (longer, more armhole… maybe too much). Also check the test square when you print it. I did not, and my first one of these was teeny.

Phew. I think super-easy sewing projects might be my bag. Instant gratification!