Monthly Archives: December 2011


December is totally an ok time to start something new.

Make + do number one was a success, even if we were hangover-snails that moved veeeeery slowly. Nothing coffee and curry can’t fix. Hangover snail-ness also meant we were totally unprepared with projects, so we staggered down to eckersley’s and got equipment for….


LINO PRINTING! (weeeeeewwwwwww). Which was really fun, and if anyone wants to have a shot next time, we have the technology, just pick yourself up some lino from the art store.

All of us totally over-committed and decided to print ALL the things, and make and do afternoon ended up heralding a whole week of Christmas printing shenanigans, which, if I’m honest, have not been finished. January isn’t too late for gifts, right?

Rowan made some bitching cool christmas cards and t-shirts…


Brad and I schemed up christmas cards and gifts, but we haven’t distributed them all yet, so for now, y’all make do with some snippets…

… which show the eraser stamps I made (and managed to print with that afternoon) – they were super-simple and turned out great.

Stay tuned! Next post will show our finished gifties, and Make + Do II will be happening on the afternoon of January 14th. You can invite yourself here.